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Oil Management

It is a service that provides to work maintainingly with the accurate and efficient oil by analysing Hydraulics or Lubrication Systems.

  • Type, quantity, vicosity of Oil
  • Pressure class and Pressure differences
  • Temperature of system and oil
  • Convenience of the filtration
  • Correct filter adding or changing
  • Storage covers
  • Storage vents
  • Silica gel vents (preventing the oil deformation by withholding humidity/water on the air)
  • Level indicators and switches
  • Temperature control devices
  • Damping and filling points
  • Removal of water in oil without deactivating the system
  • Maintaining the system ready for control at any time
  • Contamination measuring (international classification standards)
  • Viscosity measuring
  • Water measuring
  • Particle counting

etc. systems are analysed in matters of above mentioned fields and "Training& Consultation" services are provided.