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  •          Oil Filtration (filtering particles and water in oil)
  •          Water Filtration
  •          Fuel Filtration
  •          Chemical Liquid Filtration

Decontamination of fluids on-site on the industrial facility without deactivation upon request; or on Liztech facility with the requested micronages, in fast, secure and productive ways

  •          Filtering Flowrate (variable to fluid type and conditions): 1~2.000 litre/min (0,06~120 ton/hrs)
  •          Operation is held with the proper filter component that is determined with the results of technique tests between 0,02~500 µm
  •          Filtration on industrial facilities with 1~30 ton-capacity mobile tankers
  •          In convenient systems; filtration without deactivation. Decontamination for not only the oil but also the system with filtration on the operating system.
  •          Measurings for particle, water saturation, etc. are held online on-site during oil filtration, and reported with device printouts.


For environmental and occupational safety purposes, a wide range product line for oil spread preventers are used.