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  •          Hydraulics and Oiling System Flushing Service
  •          Hydraulics and Oiling Pipe Lines Flushing Service
  •          Gear Case Flushing Service
  •          Hose Flushing Service
  •          Hydraulics Block Flushing Service
  •          Construction Machnies’ Flushing Service

Decontamination of lines and systems are detected on-site in 4 different standards (ISO 4406:99, ISO 4406:87, NAS 1638 ve SAE AS 4059) with laser and diaphram measuring & analysing technicians; and reported with device print-outs.Flushing procedure in both newly-set systems (before activation) and operating systems are performed at required cleanness levels.We provide our 18-year clients in this field with the fastest and healthiest solutions. While providing advantages of time and expense with our unique and high-tech techniques; we supply;

  •          Flushing Equipments (For Rent or Sale)
  •          Tanks
  •          Measuring Devices
  •          Engine Pomp Accouplements
  •          Filter Containers (Filter Components)
  •          Heaters

 Also, serve for

  •          Flushing Consultation
  •          Flushing Training
  •          Flushing Projection
  •          Consultation
  •          Control
  •          Key-ready Flushing Service