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Filtration Products

Mobile and Fixed Off-line Filtration Units 

Off-line filtration units are needed in hydraulic and lubricating systems when changing not only filters working in the system but also lubricants and when filling it. Because unused lubricant has a number of particles within, it is not correct to transfer it into the system directly without filtering. Lubricant with NAS value which is the cleaning class of fresh lubricant containers in general should be absolutely transferred to the system by filtering.Filtration units keep cleanness of filter elements which have been produced with advanced technology and liquid working in the system. So, early wearing and corrosion of system elements is prevented with the lowest dirtiness level provided. In addition to this durability and life of the liquid used in the system increases.

Thanks to a filter element with appropriate sensitivity to the system to be used in the filtration unit, negative effects of settled particles in fresh lubricant within the container which will be filled into the system newly are prevented. Because filtering runs with filtering units on a line different from the main system, filter element of the unit can be chosen as independent from the system.  The liquid, which is filtered off-line in such way, may be filtered again without considering working time of the system until cleanness level requested is reached.

 The best result is obtained with filter elements produced with advanced technology. The filter elements which are tested in Eaton Internormen Multi-Pass test analysis standards a number of times, have flow rate ß:400 in 600 lt/min, and have the characteristic of being able to keep particles at the rate of 99,97 %.  This value shows that filter elements are absolute. If filter elements, whose structure is fiberglass, are examined under the microscope, it is easily seen that they have homogenous structure and that they are produced from 7 different layers having characteristics different from each other in filter cross section. In filtration units, Fiberglas elements up to 1, 3, 6, 10, 16, 25 µm which provide absolute filtration can be used. This change can be made very easily without requiring any equipment help and without requiring stopping the system to which they are connected.

Thanks to  WATERSORP (with water absorbent) filter elements which can be used  in filtration unit which gives the best service, free water within the liquid in the system can be absorbed.

Water causes the system to wear early, causes oxidation or accumulation of mud within lubricant tank feeding the system. Watersorp filter element can keep water rate within the lubricant by pulling it to the lowest values.